Paper is an amazing, if often under-appreciated, creative medium. It has become my passioo explore all the great stuff you can create with paper…boxes and books, jewellery, paintings, and sculptural mixed media pieces that combine papermaking with bookbinding and imaging techniques to tell a story. You can create things to wear, things to help you organize your life, hang on your windows and walls, or just to contemplate.

Everything I do starts with paper, and that in itself is an endlessly creative journey. I make my paper using all sorts of fibres, including plant fibre that I collect fr


om the garden and roadside, and fibres that are obtained from suppliers in Canada, the U.S. and Asia. Each fibre has unique characteristics and I let each batch of paper develop differently, so no two papers are alike. The “one-of-a-kind” nature of my work starts at the very beginning!

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image of scriptkeeper
image of scriptkeeper

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